a. If this is your first time using the tool, please refer to “initial Setup” in the user’s manual for activation

b. If you have previously activated your device and need to activate a replacement VCI:

i. Launch the application from the home screen

ii.  Select “Personal Center” > “Activate VCI”

iii. Input VCI S/N and Activation Code > select “Activate”

NOTE: Your activation code can be found in the supplied password envelope. If you do not have your activation code please contact tech support at 855-909-8960

iv. Verify successful activation, select “Personal Center” > VCI. Your newly activated VCI connector should be displayed in the list of activated VCI’s

METHOD 1, Wireless Connection:

NOTE: WLAN increases power consumption of the tool.  To conserve power only use WLAN when needed

1. From the home screen select “Setting”> “WLAN”

2. Turn on WLAN (the tool will begin scanning for available networks)

3. Select your preferred network and enter password if necessary

4. The tool will indicate “connected” when a successful connection is made

METHOD 2, Wired Connection:

1. Use a network cable to connect to the Ethernet port on the tool

2. From the home screen select “Setting”>”More”>”Ethernet”>select “Use Ethernet”

a. Launch the application from the home screen

b. Select [Login] in the upper right corner of the screen 

c. Select “Forgot password” on the lower left corn of the login screen

d. Input the product S/N and follow the on-screen instructions to set a new password


a. Contact support at 855-629-4832 to order a replacement charger. 

TOPDON USA will not be liable for any damage or loss resulting from the use of non-specified chargers or unauthorized adapters

a. Turn off screen when not in use (a short press of the power button turns off screen)

b. Adjust the standby time of the screen

c. Adjust the screen brightness 

d. Turn off WLAN when not in use

e. Turn off GPS function

a. Power on the device

b. From the home screen select “Setting”> “Backup & Reset” 

c. Select “Restore factory settings”

d. Select “Reset tablet” 

e. Select “Clear all” and wait for the system restore to restart the tablet

a. Verify the tool is connected to the internet

b. Select the “Software Update” button on the diagnostic application home screen

c. By default, all available updates will be selected. Select “Update” to begin downloading.  The tool will automatically install the updates as they are downloaded

d. Once complete the tool is ready to use

a. Yes

i. Simply long press the carline you want to remove, and a confirmation window will pop up allowing you to remove the carline

ii. When updating the software use the “Common” tab instead of “All” in order to not re-install the removed carline every time you update the tool

a. If the VCI does not automatically pair to the handset when connecting to a vehicle perform the pairing function in the system settings

i. Plug the VCI connector into the vehicle’s DLC. Turn on the ignition

ii. From the home screen select “Setting”>”Bluetooth” 

iii.Confirm Bluetooth is turned on and searching for available Bluetooth devices

iv.The VCI will be identified by the S/N located on the VCI. Select the VCI, the system will connect to the VCI and the status will display “paired”