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The V2200Plus is a 2-in-1  jump pack and battery tester that takes on the unexpected. Offering up to 35 jumps on a full charge, smart clamps to protect against common safety hazards, and features a 300-lumen LED light. A built-in Bluetooth module supports 12V battery tests by pairing an app with Bluetooth. This provides cranking, charging, and battery test reports to let you replace a battery before it dies. The V2200Plus can even act as a charging brick for small devices. Take the V2200Plus everywhere you drive to be prepared for anything.


Starts All 12V Battery Vehicles

The power and quantity of jumps stored in the jump pack lets you jump most passenger vehicles on the road with ease.

  • Jumps Up To 8L Gas or 6L Diesel Engines
  • 2200A Peak Current For Delivering Jumps
  • Up to 35 Jumps On A Full Charge

Test Lead-Acid Batteries Through The App

Use the app to perform detailed battery tests before a battery needs to be replaced. Analyze a battery’s voltage, state of health, and state of charge with charging tests. Use cranking tests to monitor cranking times and cranking voltages. The testing capabilities do not stop there. Check cold cranking amps to the rated CCA, and the overall battery health status for precise knowledge of a 12V battery.

  •  Charging Tests: Loaded Voltage, Unloaded Voltage and Ripple 
  • Cranking Tests: Cranking Time and Cranking Voltage Test
  • Battery Tests: Test CCA, Rated CCA, and Battery Health Status

LED Flashlight

In any emergency situation, a high-power flashlight is always an asset. The V2200Plus features a 300 Lumen LED light to see in the dark and signal for help. Choose from a solid beam of light, a fast-paced strobe, or a slow SOS mode to signal for help.

  • 300 Lumen LED Flashlight
  • Solid, SOS, and Strobe Modes

Boost Dead or Damaged Batteries

Use the boost function for particularly stubborn batteries. TOPDON's V2200Plus can start your vehicle using its BOOST FUNCTION, even if the battery has 0 voltage. Simply press and hold the BOOST button for 1 second and start your vehicle within the next 30 seconds.

Test Real-Time Voltage

Works as a digital voltmeter by graphing battery charging, discharging, and starting voltage changes.

6 Safety Features

Featuring a half-dozen safety features. The V2200Plus protects users from electrical hazards, including sparks from cable clamps touching. The tools also feature the classic ruggedness of TOPDON’s JumpSurge series. Drop, dust, and water resistance makes for a reliable tool no matter the conditions.

  • Reverse connection
  • Reverse charging
  • Short circuits
  • Over current
  • Over temperature
  • Over discharge

Power Essential Devices

Fully charge most devices and electronics within an hour! Charge smartphone, tablets, cameras, Kindles, speakers, tire inflators, and more!

  • Type-C: PD60W 20V⎓3A,15V⎓3A,12V⎓3A,9V⎓3A,5V⎓3A
  • USB1: QC18W,12V⎓1.5A,9V⎓2A,5V⎓3A
  • USB2: QC18W,12V⎓1.5A,9V⎓2A,5V⎓3A
  • DC: Max 16.8V⎓10A

Generate Reports

Permanently stores all test results and battery data. Whether you’re a professional providing service and documentation, or a meticulous car expert keeping a battery log, we know you’ll appreciate having test results when you need them.

Upgrade Clamps, Better Quality

We have made substantial improvements to our clamps to enhance the grip on battery terminals, ensuring greater reliability and stability. it's normal that there might be random shipments of new and old clamps during the transition.


    • Dimensions: 267*157*106 mm (10.5*6.2*4.2 in.)
    • Weight: 1460g (51.5 oz.)
    • Peak Current: 2200A; 500A 2S
    • Battery Capacity: 16000 mAh 3.7V; 59.2Wh
    • Input Port: Type-C:
    • Bidirectional, PD60W; 5V⎓3A, 9V⎓3A, 12V⎓3A, 15V⎓3A, 20V⎓3A
    • Output Ports: Type-C:
    • PD60W20V⎓3A,15V⎓3A,12V⎓3A,9V⎓3A,5V⎓3A
    • USB1: QC18W,12V⎓1.5A,9V⎓2A,5V⎓3A
    • USB2: QC18W,12V⎓1.5A,9V⎓2A,5V⎓3A
    • DC: Max 16.8V⎓10A
    • Clamp Cable Lengths: 200mm (7.9 in.)
    • Jump Start Capacity: 8L Gas, 6L Diesel
    • Protections: Reverse connection, reverse charging, short circuits, over currents, over temperatures, & over discharges
    • Jump Volume: 35 Jumps On A Full Charge



    Jump/Tester Clamps

    USB Cable

    Carry Case

    Multilingual Menu 


    iOS APP(Requires iOS 11.0 or later)

    Android APP(Requires Android 7.0 or later)


    1 Year

    prop65  WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov