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April 09, 2024 2 min read

TOPDON USA Unveils State-of-the-Art Thermal Imaging Camera with 9mm Adjustable Lens

ROCKAWAY, NEW JERSEYAPRIL 9, 2024TOPDON USA, the premier provider of cutting-edge technology and advanced tools for auto repair professionals and enthusiasts, just unveiled its latest in professional grade thermal imaging technology showcased in the new TS001. The newly released thermal imaging camera is equipped with advanced measurement and observation modes for precise temperature readings and intuitive insights into heat distribution.

“The advancement of thermal imaging technology has become a critical solution for detecting and troubleshooting complex, and sometimes elusive problems,” said Chad Schnitz, Vice President of TOPDON USA. “Our new TS001 thermal imaging camera is a true state-of-the-art solution for detecting a wide range of mechanical or electrical issues before they become catastrophic problems. The application for this type of technology is far-reaching and is being embraced by automotive technicians, home inspectors, and electricians, among many others.”

Using a 9mm lens, the TOPDON TS001’s Android thermal imager offers infrared imaging clarity from 0.1 to 500 meters. With its adjustable lens and 256x192 IR resolution, flawless results are attainable for both macro electrical detection and outdoor observation. Its 25Hz high-speed frame rate swiftly captures tiny faults, while the robust measurement modes offer accurate temperature readings and intuitive heat distribution insights.

“The preventative and predicative benefits offered by thermal imaging technology are indisputable,” said Schnitz. “From tracing water leaks and monitoring mechanical tolerances to collecting data in a hazardous situation while at a safe distance, the applications for the TS001 are endless.”  

The TS001 includes several advanced features including:

  • Superior image quality with an IR resolution of 256x192
  • The adjustable 9mm lens ensures clarity for objects both near and far.
  • Observation mode swiftly captures targets with finesse
  • Dual Light Mode: Combine the visual image and infrared image
  • The color bar highlights the desired temperature range easily
  • Monitor temperature change by waveform graph
  • Smart temperature alert
  • Image secondary analysis
  • Customized infrared reports

For more features and specifications about the TS001, visit https://www.topdon.us/products/ts001  

Founded in 2017 and based in Rockaway, New Jersey, TOPDON USA is a provider of entry-level, mid-level, and advanced tools and solutions for professional technicians, as well as DIY enthusiasts. Globally, TOPDON has over 200 industry-leading engineers and owns over 140 intellectual property rights. The company’s cutting-edge technology helps shops minimize downtime and maximize profits. For more information visit www.topdon.us


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