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December 10, 2021 1 min read

Automotive Diagnostics Firm Continues Relationship with Professional Tool & Equipment News 

TOPDON USA has renewed for another year with PTEN (Professional Tool & Equipment News), the must-have magazine for any shop owner or automotive technician.  The publication highlights the latest tools and equipment in the automotive industry, being the number one source for service/collision repair, and aftermarket distribution news.  

PTEN’s main goal is to provide its readers the needed information on the latest products and tools in the automotive market. It’s owned by Endeavor Business Media. 
PTEN’s articles focus on New Products, Diagnostic Tech, Tool Briefing, Tool reviews, and Category Spotlight. The magazine also recognizes groundbreaking devices with its Innovation Award. Each issue provides professional technicians’ feedback identifying products with the best features and quality. TOPDON has found value in the magazine’s business model. 

According to the company, the magazine is a great channel to promote TOPDON's constantly expanding product lines. The technicians who need to stay on top of product news turn to PTEN – and the automotive brand wants to be on that radar. 

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