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March 25, 2022 1 min read

TOPDON released the JumpSurge3000, the last of their JumpSurge Line for 2022. This jump pack offers the same functions that have made the JS1200 and 2000 so popular and brings those features into a larger battery and exterior that professionals are seeking. 


The JumpSurge3000 is a 3000 peak amp jumpstarting tool and power bank that can jump-start any 12V battery on up to a 9L gas or 7L diesel engine. Holding up to 45 jumps on a full charge, a boost function for difficult jumps and a 400-lumen LED light, the versatility and power create a jump pack that will undo many roadside emergencies and help get people home. 


“The JumpSurge3000 has been out for one week and it’s already a hit. Every time we go to a tradeshow, it stops people in their tracks. Towing companies love it, auto shops love it, everyday drivers love it. TOPDON really nailed this one. The power, versatility, and price separate this from a standard jump box, and customers can tell the difference,” Chad Schnitz, TOPDON USA Vice President.   

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