The Tornado90000 is TOPDON’s newest professional-grade smart charger.  It Offers improved capabilities; this device is suitable for all types of 12V and 24V lead-acid batteries, with a wide battery capacity ranging from 20Ah to 2800Ah.

The Tornado90000 works as an ECU Programming Voltage Stabilizer, has built-in temperature sensors and 6 programmable charging modes. Superior functionality expands your auto shop’s capabilities, letting you do more than ever before.


6 Charging modes,adjustable current and voltage

  • The Tornado90000 offers 6 programmable charging modes to ensure the right current and voltage output at all times. This device also features an electrical current edit, and voltage edit function. The voltage adjustment ranges from 11-15.8V, and 22-31.6V. Corresponding currents are 5 -90A and 5 - 45A

ECU Programming voltage stabilizer

  • ECU programming voltage stabilizer can match multiple brands and types of automotive systems.

Large power bank

  • The Tornado90000 can act as a stable power supply for various automotive appliances such as tire inflators, car fridges, and more.

9-step Smart Charging

  • Its "9-step smart charging" provides strong protection to the battery and the automatic charging and disconnection system eliminates any risk of overcharging.

Your Battery's Bodyguard

  • With the T90A you get a multi-protection system against: reverse polarities, reverse charges, short circuits, overheating, and over-voltages .

Dual Temperature Monitoring for Safety In Every Element

  • The T90A features a built-in temperature sensor to constantly protecting the battery being charged through the entire repair process.


Input Voltage: 100-130V or 200-240V
Output Current: 12V 5-90A 24V 5-45A
Charging Mode: 12V/24V Mode: SUP/NORM/COLD/BOOST/REP
Applicable Batteries: 20-2800Ah
Clip Type: 1 Pole Clamp
AC Cable Length: 5ft 10 in cable with AWG18# Input
Clip Cord Length: Positive AWG4#, 2.2m, Negative AWG4#, 2.2m
Air-cooled, built-in fan


1* Tornado90000
1* User Manual
1* Battery Clamps

User Manual


3 Year Warranty


30-Day Money-Back Guarantee