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December 10, 2021 1 min read

 TOPDON’s Battery Jumping Tool Comes with Heavy-duty Clamps and Thicker Cables Providing Unparalleled Endurance at a fair Price-Point 

TOPDON’s Volcano 1500 has proven to be the number one choice of end-users looking for an affordable jump-starter that will last for years. With heavy-duty copper clamps and thicker cables, this device offers unparalleled durability at an attractive MSRP of $99. Designed to thrive in the wild, the tool comes in a rugged IP65 waterproof case and can work under extreme weather conditions (from 158°F to -4°F). 

The Volcano 1500 should be in everyone’s car. Every TOPDON product provides our customers something unique, and the V1500 gives you peace-of-mind. Easy-to-use, safe, and effective, it’s meant to provide that added safety on the road for everyone. says Chad Schnitz, TOPDON USA Vice President.  

This 1500 Peak Amp jump-starter supports 12V batteries up to 8L on gas and 6.5L on diesel, providing up to 25 jumps on a single charge. It is the ideal device for those who want to always be prepared for the unexpected. Compact and portable, it can stay in the glovebox for over eight months without use until it needs to be charged again. 

“The V1500 is a robust jump-starter and a lifesaver in case of emergencies. This multifunctional device pays for itself after very few uses due to its functionality and durability. It’s a one-time purchase that will turn into a lifetime investment”, says Charles Pilcher, TOPDON USA Sales Director. 

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