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December 10, 2021 1 min read

TOPDON Values US Veterans for Their Work Ethic and Ambition 

TOPDON USA announces its decision to employ US veterans. Drive, competitiveness, and determination are values the growing company sees in US veterans. To meet its hiring goals for Rockaway, NJ, their recent new office location, the company is proud to add US veterans to its Human Resources policies.  

Having ambitious goals, TOPDON has recognized that it too must hire like-driven employees. The company says that US veterans with their sense of teamwork, independence, and urgency, fit their company culture. 

Some military occupational specialties give veterans useful technical skills. TOPDON readily employs US veterans with IT, computer, logistics, or mechanical experience in various departments, such as tech support. 

 "TOPDON appreciates US veterans.  We give thanks for our success and growth by recruiting the excellent men and women who serve in our communities. We find inspiration in their motivation and can-do attitudes. It’s just what we need to forge our company’s future,” says Chad Schnitz, Vice President, TOPDON USA 

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